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ONS 2018

We would like to thank AkerBP for allowing us to showcase our part of the #digitalrevolution at ONS2018! By making us explore the opportunities of Augmented Reality we believe AkerBP once again has moved our goals with GeologiQ. 

#dataliberation #digitaltwin #becausewecan

Volve data sets - released by Equinor

Equinor recently released the data sets from the plugged Volve field. The aim is to encourage the industry to run through the data and ultimately create value. This is our start, visualzing some of the 40000 files released from Equinor. There will be more information added at a later stage. 

GeologiQ - Works on any device

One of the key elements to have " a field in your pocket" is the importance of having information ready at you fingertips, whenever and wherever. By having GeologiQ work on any device, we are one step closer to achieving our goal. 

A field in you pocket

Cognite data Live in GeologiQ

Successfully connected to the Cognite data model, displaying real time information from 2400 m below seabed.

Demo video available. 


Data liberated by Cognite, Information displayed by GeologiQ.

Real Data

"It’s not about the algorithms, it’s about the data." Dr. J.M. Lervik, CEO at Cognite.

We could not agree more, GeologiQ consists of real data visualized in a 3D model. No fancy algorithms, just real data displayed in an intuitive and easy way. This makes GeologiQ the ultimate tool to showcase digital data, and be used as a platform for further digitalization projects.

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